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Chris Chern, Director, Manufacturing Technology Center – TSMC

06 Sep 2019
10:15 – 10:30

Chris Chern, Director, Manufacturing Technology Center – TSMC

New Era Requirements for Semiconductor Production Equipment

With the advent of sub-5nm advanced semiconductor technology, high density integration of 3D devices faces tremendous challenges not only to overcome the technical difficulties arising from the enabling process technology, but also to cross the hurdle of manufacturing issues associated with energy consumption, generic productivity, cyber security and many new equipment requirements in the New Era of Semiconductor Industry.

In this paper, we will focus and address the following four areas:

(i) Continuing extending Moore’s Law through technical breakthroughs

(ii) Revolutionize Productivity Improvements of Process Equipment

(iii) Adopting Green Semiconductor Device into Process Equipment

(iv) Cyber Security Standards in Semiconductor Manufacturing Tools

We are also expecting that new equipment specifications can be consensually recognized, thereby laying the foundations to set forth the relating SEMI Standards in the international semiconductor industry.